“Stop sending Scots money” says cronyism row lobbyist

TalkRADIO is laughable. I love watching their embarrassing segments on Scottish politics. There is nothing quite so funny as watching people who’ve no idea what they are talking about spout the same old “Too wee, too poor, too stupid” narratives. But the narrative that is really taking hold amongst British nationalist commenters in recent months is that of the “ungrateful Scots”.

Edinburgh-born Pascoe-Watson, who was embroiled in a cronyism controversy over a UK Government advisory role, chuckles as he encourages the UK Government to stop transferring money to Scotland.

George Pascoe-Watson, ex-political editor of The Sun and current chairman of Portland Communications (a lobby firm setup by an ex-Tony Blair advisor), was appointed as an unpaid advisor during the first Covid-19 wave by Lord Bethell, the test and trace minister.

The move was not made public at the time. He later reportedly sent sensitive information on government lockdown policy to paying clients. He left his role in October 2020.

Sir Alistair Graham, the ex-chairman of the committee on standards in public life, said Pascoe-Watson’s appointment was “incomprehensible”.

He continued: “I think the public interest requires that appointments to public office should go through a public process.”

Pascoe-Watson, whose firm represents pharmaceutical companies, weapons manufacturers and banks, is either playing to the gallery of the right-wing TalkRADIO audience, or he isn’t very clever.

In the end, it looks like he is just another London bubble talking head perpetuating the “Ungrateful Scots” narrative.

One could easily put forward a compelling argument that TalkRADIO’s illiterate, clownshoe attempts to engage on the Scottish independence debate are only helping speed up the eventual break-up of the UK.

Author: Grant McKenzie

Grant McKenzie is a freelance journalist, broadcaster and streamer. He is the founder of Cross/Rip. He works in radio and has written for Bella Caledonia, DC Thomson and Johnston Press in both news and sport. Grant has worked covering the SPFL, Solheim Cup and European Tour. He also streams regularly on Twitch talking about various issues including mental health. Grant is also a proud Dundonian studying a part time MA degree at the University of Dundee.

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