Douglas Ross to Committee Chair: “When you’re so poor at your job I will personally attack you”

It isn’t really a surprise that Douglas Ross, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, is no fan of the SNP. However, it rarely seems to get as personal as it did between Ross and Scottish Affairs Committee Chair Pete Wishart at Wednesday’s committee meeting. At one point, Mr Ross told SNP MP Mr Wishart, “When you’re so poor at your job I will personally attack you”.

The exchange took place at the first meeting of the Scottish Affairs Committee since the Scottish election in which the SNP won a fourth successive term as the Scottish Government. It seems that the adversarial heat of the campaign hasn’t abated yet, and the spat rumbled on with Mhairi Black’s question to the Secretary of State for Scotland Alistar Jack MP interrupted by Douglas Ross for round two with Wishart.

Earlier in the meeting, SNP MP Deidre Brock challenged the Secretary of State on a possible breach of the pre-election period, previously known as ‘purdah’, by the Scottish Office by the sharing of a paid advert on social media the day before the Scottish election. It is alleged to have discussed Scotland’s role as part of the UK. In response, Mr Jack described it as “a statement of fact”. Civil Servant Laurence Rockey, Director of the Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland, stated that he would look into the specific example raised.

Author: Grant McKenzie

Grant McKenzie is a freelance journalist, broadcaster and streamer. He is the founder of Cross/Rip. He works in radio and has written for Bella Caledonia, DC Thomson and Johnston Press in both news and sport. Grant has worked covering the SPFL, Solheim Cup and European Tour. He also streams regularly on Twitch talking about various issues including mental health. Grant is also a proud Dundonian studying a part time MA degree at the University of Dundee.

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