As I started branching out into other types of content I felt that I needed a place that wasn’t just a basic blog site. That is how Cross/Rip came into existence. I have been working away at journalism and content creation for over 10 years now. I’ve written sports stories and conducted countless interviews. I have broadcast from football matches and major golf events and I am a variety streamer on Twitch. I have written opinion pieces on politics, media and more. And I’ve written award winning essays at University. So I thought that I’d create a space for all these, sometimes disparate, things to coexist.

But this place is not just for me. I will be welcoming other writers to this platform, particularly those who, like me, have other ideas that maybe don’t quite fit into their current places of work. I want Cross/Rip to be a place where people can showcase the breadth of their talents. I also want it to be a place where the readers can be a part of it also. There will be a good old-fashioned Letters page and I really hope people will get involved.

So what can you expect from this place? Well for starters, there will be lots of opinion pieces. We support Scottish independence so expect a lot on that subject. I will be publishing some long-form academic essays. We will be reviewing and recommending film, TV, music and more. We will be sharing what we are watching, reading and listening to. You might fins us recommend an article, a podcast, a tweet, an album. Anything that we like, we will share.

Welcome to Cross/Rip.

Grant McKenzie

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